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Six sigma Green belt in Chennai

What we offer

  • We help organizations achieve substantial cost reduction to meet globally competitive prices and to achieve global quality standards / zero defect products and services
  • We offer customized training content on Lean Management/Lean Six Sigma Yellow/Green and Black belt and help organizations in cost- effective and customized training and implementations
  • At ICEQBS, we have developed robust customization and service delivery processes to offer customized- high-quality services to customers.

Lead the Organization towards Efficiency & Profitability by Reducing Defects and Wastes

Our Approach

  • We customize our services for any size or nature of the organization, from  small to multi-national, from manufacturing to ITES / Software development, addressing the needs of  different products/ services
  • We consult with the customers to know which Process Improvement model will meet their growth requirements, helps cus tomize training content, and provide training & implementation services
  • We help organizations to evolve by providing a customized long-term process improvement model to achieve sustainable improvements and growth in business
  • We follow a hybrid model offering seamless online and offline support from senior and junior consultants to optimize cost and to ensure quality of services.
  • We follow an uncompromised approach to the quality of training and consultancy services so that the client can become self-reliant within a few years in a cost effective manner.
  • We have experience in working with globally recognized organizations  like L&T Valves, Pfizer Health Care, and Mahindra Finance and have completed successful project guidance support to multi-national giants like Amazon, Roqutette, DISYS, and more

Experience in Lean Six Sigma Consulting Projects

Roquette (Gokak, Karnataka)

  • Consulted   Roquette ( France based MNC,, the largest manufacturer of Starch in India and the fourth largest in the world with a turnover of around 500 mn USD.
  • Guided 3 Black Belt projects in Belgaum (Plant capacity 30,000 tons per month) and Viramgram in Gujarat (Plant capacity 8000 tons per month).
  • Guided thru on site & off site consultation of  the project to  reduce  Steam Consumption, control variations in output parameters and  optimize the  process conditions like Temperature, feed rate, pressure etc

Amazon (Chennai)

  • Work with Amazon for the project guidance and Toll Gate Review for the projects taken up in China, Japan, Romania, Mexico, Bengaluru and Chennai as a part of their Worldwide Lean Six Sigma Program.
  • Successfully completed 30 projects in 2019, 60 projects in 2020.
  • Guiding 70+ lean six sigma projects during 2021.

Grace World Supermarket (Chennai)


  • Working with a chain of super markets, Grace world, having 9 outlets in Chennai for process improvement through lean methodology to improve the efficiency of the warehouse, repacking and outlet operations.
  • Closely interacting with the ground level staff for incorporating Continuous Improvement mindset by implementing lean tools like 5S, Value stream mapping.
  • Reduced the % error in warehouse operations from 15% to 0.5% and reduced lead time for order to receipt from 8 days to 4 days and reduced manpower from 18 to 12 for the same output using Value Stream Mapping
  • Conducting weekly 5S audits to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency

Asian Paints Limited, Penta Division, Cuddalore

  • Asian Paints Limited, Penta Division is engaged in the manufacture of chemicals like Pentaerythritol, Sodium Formate and Formalydehyde, which are used as raw materials for paint manufacturing.
  • ICEQBS is working on a customized pilot project for Cultural Change towards Continual Improvement, involving all layers of the organization. Initiative includes Customized audits, Identification and completion of Kaizen and Cross Functional Projects to improve efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Scope of the work also include development of customized content and offer practical training to all participants in using Quality and Lean tools for problem solving.

Essilor India Private Limited, Chennai

  • Essilor is an multi-national ophthalmic optics company, based at France, that designs, manufactures and markets lenses to correct or protect eyesight.
  • ICEQBS is working on a pilot project for improving the Customer Experience in Essilor India Private Limited at their Chennai Laboratory.
  • Scope of work include the micro level mapping of processes impacting the Customer Experience, doing Time & Motion study in their Customer Service department to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement, align the organization on finalizing the root causes and action plan to improve Customer Experience.
  • Innovative Activity based training given to all employees to expose them to the concept of internal and external customer, to orient them towards Customer Delight and to explain the concept of Pull System to improve efficiency

ESAB India Private Limited, Chennai

  • ESAB is a multi-national company based at USA and producing State of the Art Welding machines to cater to different industries across the world.
  • ICEQBS is working on a long term project to develop Customized Content for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt CDOV (Concept – Design-Optimize- Validate) approach for New Product Development for their Research & Development personnel at their Chennai R&D center, to conduct Training sessions based on the content, customized with case studies and examples from their own projects and to offer Project guidance to the teams to apply their learning on the various tools and concepts in their real time projects.

Lennox India Technology Centre Private Limited, Chennai

  • Lennox is a multi-national company, based at UAS and producing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling) systems.
  • ICEQBS is working on a pilot project at their R&D center at Chennai, India to offer training on Lean Six Sigma White and Yellow Belt to their employees and guide them to successfully complete their projects.
  • The participants will be divided in to different teams, each team will identify a real time problem from their organization and apply the tools and concepts in the training session to identify the root causes and solve the problem.


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